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1975 Dodge

Monaco Sedan


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Engine Size
360 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic

1975 Dodge Monaco Sedan

1975 Dodge Monaco Sedan

The original Bluesmobile from the 1980 film “The Blues Brothers” is one the most famous police cars in cinema history. Based on a 1974 Dodge Monaco, the Bluesmobile was the chosen ride of Jake and Elwood Blues, two brothers who start an R&B band so that they can raise money to save their childhood orphanage. Played by Dan Aykroyd, Elwood Blues was responsible for choosing the '74 Monaco, which was a run-down police car complete with tattered paintwork and black steel rims.

Describing the car to his brother Jake, Elwood is famous for stating that the Bluesmobile was equipped with “a cop motor…cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks.” As nonsensical as that description sounds to gearheads, it has gone down into the history books of comedy and is one of the most often quoted car descriptions from any film. We give you the Blues Brothers reproduction cop car complete with Dan Aykroyd signatures, and some of the fixings just like the one in the movie.

This black and white…actually alpine white, does a good job of giving you the run down look, just like the movie. With clear coat fading and chipping off, to the sprayed over badge on the doors, to the push bars up front, it is all in to go saving orphans. Black non capped steel wheels which are like the original, show off on all 4 corners, in their own unique way. Interestingly, the gaps are well minded, and chrome is very nice all around. Plenty of attention to detail such as faded numbers, and a D missing from the rear Dodge badge, and even some primer on the front fender, it's a great replicar. Pull OVER!

2 large long black vinyl police option benches make up the seating, and these are in good condition. Black vinyl for the door panels and it completes the utilitarian look. It's all in the details as the dash is littered with interesting props like unshelled peanuts, a harmonica, police hat, chewed wad of gum, badges, and a pack of Chesterfields, among other various and sundry junk. Elwood AKA Dan Aykroyd has signed the driver's visor and the glovebox. I'll have a dozen doughnuts and 2 large black coffees....

Sitting within the unrestored engine bay is a 360ci V8 topped by a single 4-barrel carb and backed by a A727 Torqueflite automatic 3 speed tranny. Also noted is an 8.75 rear...We are in hot pursuit of a suspect who has a taillight out.

Despite the outwardly and intentionally ragged finish up top, the undercarriage is solid, has slight surface rust, but nothing remarkable. A Flowmaster exhaust has been installed, and front disc and rear drum brakes are present, and are power assisted. Torsion bar front suspension, and leaf spring rear suspension are seen when up on the lift. All cop all the time.

Drive- Ability
Just sitting in the car gives one a great sense of doughnut filled empowerment and will have the driver take on a sense of authoritarian overuse. Car starts right up, drives smoothly and handles like a 1975 Monaco, lumbering around turns. The only thing missing not installed on this car but in the trunk awaiting its turn is a large siren. When this is installed, talk about empowerment, even without the doughnut fuel.

A very good replica, which goes to the nth degree in the detail department, with all its props, and fading clear coat in black and white, black steel rimmed glory, you are sure to grab attention when rolling down the street, or blowing the living s*^t out of that siren in a parade. A true novelty classic here at Classic Auto Mall.

VIN Decode
D-Dodge Monaco
M-Medium Price Class
41-4 Door Sedan
K-360 ci V8 2bbl
D-Belvedere, IL Assy Plant
230316-Sequential Unit Number

Fender Tag Decode
E57 360-2 Barrel
D34 TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission
DM41 Dodge Monaco 4 Dr Sedan
K59 360 V8 1975 Belvedere, IL
230316 Sequence Number '230316'
Paint Code: White / Alpine White
Trim Grade/Style/Color
K = Police
2 = Vinyl Bench
X9 = Black
DX9 Upper Door Frame: Unknown At This Time
530 Date Built: 5 / 30 / 1975
JO5597 Order Number: JO5597
EW1 Roof Type OR Color: White / Alpine White
U Built to Specifications for USA Order
F33 LH 6" spotlight
F38 Roof Light Reinforcement
F43 Unknown At This Time
F58 Road Runner Reinforce Weld
I72 Unknown At This Time
G11 Tinted Glass All
H51 Single Air /w Heater
M33 Body Side Moldings
Y14 Sold Car 69-71
END End of Codes

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