2013 Tesla

Model S

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Engine Size
85kWh Battery

2013 Tesla Model S

2013 Tesla Model S

Nikola Tesla was born around midnight, between July 9 and July 10, 1856 during a fierce lightning storm. According to family legend, midway through the birth, the midwife wrung her hands and declared the lightning a bad omen. This child will be a child of darkness, she said, to which his mother replied: “No. He will be a child of light.”

For consignment our own little bolt of lightning, in the form of a Tesla Model S. This is essentially a hatchback with a “Frunk” (front trunk). Plenty of stowage room, and even an optional 3rd seat was available (not installed in this car) Very well kept car, 29,375 original miles, bright red, and you'll never know it is coming up on you as it is totally electric powered.

Standard Model S exterior bathed in red multi-coat, all clean badging, tinted glass , and all aluminum clad with steel reinforcements. Even the door handles are inset for aero smoothness. An active air ride suspension works well, and the windshield wipers are activated automatically when a drop of rain is sensed.

Tan Nappa leather adorns the interior surfaces and is pristine, not looking worn at all. A 17” screen filled with all the technical goodies is in the middle of the dash, and the speedo display is electronic as well, and is very high tech. All controls are through the center screen eliminating any buttons or dials which are so pedestrian!

A 3-phase, 4-pole, AC induction motor with copper rotor powered by a 85k Wh battery puts out a whopping 362hp. This high torque way of accelerating is truly neck snapping, and you have to experience it to believe it. A single speed gear box is attached to the drivetrain.

Plenty of ground effects panels to cover all the electrics, and all buttoned up and clean underneath. Traction control, stability control, ABS, drive inverter power regenerating brakes, and microprocessor controlled Li battery pack is just a bit of the technology within this beautiful auto.

High tech, enough torque to plant you firmly into your seat, and a bundle of high tech toys come together to create a real piece of technology, and a real lightning bolt. This unassuming hatchback will smoke most internal combustion engines off the line, and still gives you a range of 275 miles. Look MA! No Gas!!

VIN Decode
5YJ-Tesla Motors Inc
S-Model S
A-5 Door Hatchback LHD
1-Manual Belts, Front, Side, PODS, Knee Airbags C-Charger Type N-Base AC Motor Tier 7 Battery 2-Check Digit
F-Fremont CA Assy Plant
P-Production Vehicle
10432-Sequential Unit Number

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