2002 Dodge

Intrepid NASCAR

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Body Color
Engine Size
358 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual

2002 Dodge Intrepid NASCAR

2002 Dodge Intrepid NASCAR

When asked directly about the "Petty Blue" color, Richard related, years later, that indeed, it had been a fluke. Late in the 1959 season, after having to rebuild one of the '59 Plymouth Fury's, Maurice told Richard that they didn't have enough white paint for the painting of the entire car. Being brought up to waste nothing, Richard found some dark blue paint, but not in a sufficient amount to paint the whole car. Richard said they he looked at Maurice, and Maurice looked at him, and they just dumped the two paints into one tub, then proceeded to paint the Plymouth in the color that came out. When they got done, they were impressed themselves with the hue. Lee came back from an out of town race and marveled at how that color set the car off. Almost electric is what he said. Of course, Richard and Maurice had to scramble to remember the right mix. Once they did, the formula became their secret, even to the point of being patented by a paint company as Petty Blue. When the 1960 season dawned, there was only one color on the Petty cars. The "electric" Petty Blue. It became their trademark.

For consignment a fully restored actual Petty Enterprises race car. This is 1 of 2 known to exist when Richard Petty was in a short stint with Dodge. This car is also a survivor in that it was the last true fully fabricated body. Now days several parts come complete from the manufacturer, and additional parts are fabricated around these. This car was started from scratch, then completed by all fabrication, no pre shipped parts.

Electric Petty Blue covers the exterior of this thin metal over safety caged racer. The original sponsorship decals are still adhering very nicely and have not been restored. It's all stickers and only base color on this exterior. Goodyear Racing Eagle tires are affixed to all 4 corners, and this car is set up to run on a road course and not a super speedway. On the rear window a Richard Petty signature is seen.

Modified for the ultimate safety, a massive roll cage is welded to the frame. This car might have been used as a fan car ride along as well, because we note 2 front bucket seats. A gaggle of wiring, electronics and gauges sit within the simple dash, which also has many toggle switches to be flipped in the operation of this car. A removable steering wheel is in front of the dash, and a floor shifter is on the fabricated center console. In the back seat are serious cooling hoses and more secure roll cage. In the trunk is the fuel cell, and side filler flange which is opened when the gas can is inserted into it.

A 358ci V8 sits as far back under the hood as it can go for weight distribution. It has a 4-barrel carburetor on top, and puts out an estimated 700hp. In back is a Jerico 4-speed manual transmission. A test drive reveals quite the starting process, but the car runs great, and has plenty of HP according to our test driver. In adherence to NASCAR rules of the time, this is the displacement of a standard racing engine.

Heavy duty would be the buzz word here with tubular framing, beefed up floorboards, and lots-o-lines in braided stainless which through them course the life blood of the car fluids. Simple chaos would best describe the operations and add ons underneath.

So, an actual racer, raced by John Andretti while he was on the Richard Petty Racing team in 2002. Patented Electric Petty Racing Blue, and plenty of sponsorship stickers, an actual working version of the iconic 43 resides here at Classic Auto Mall. Boogitty, Boogitty, Boogitty, Lets Go Racin' Boys Wait..is that patented?!

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