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1965 Chevrolet

Nova Sedan


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Body Color
Engine Size
230 I6
Transmission Type
2 Speed Automatic

1965 Chevrolet Nova Sedan

1965 Chevrolet Nova Sedan

It's the classic cautionary tale about the pitfalls of doing business in foreign countries that can be found in hundreds (if not thousands) of books about marketing: General Motors introduced their Chevrolet Nova model of automobile into a Spanish-speaking market, then scratched their heads in puzzlement when it sold poorly. GM executives were baffled until someone finally pointed out to them that “nova” translates as “doesn't go” in Spanish. The embarrassed automobile giant changed the model name to the Caribe, and sales of the car took off. As the facts prove this is indeed a tall tale, however it lives on in internet infamy.

Talk about a find in the classic car world, and our halls are graced with lots of them, however this is the true definition of a find in that we present an original (except for new tires and a replaced gas tank plus an exterior respray) 26,828 original mile nice condition Chevrolet Nova from 1965. A truly beautiful car and I could hear the pressure being released as we opened the time capsule this car was in for the last 54 years.

Fire up the Way Back machine Sherman, we are headed to 1965 and gazing upon a Cypress Green with a Crocus Yellow top Nova. Paint is a respray and has a wonderful patina only time can create. Some dullness, crazing, and faults, but overall in good condition. Chrome is excellent, and the brite work spear running from bow to stern has some denting in it but is shiny. Grille is clean and amazingly trim is screwed on! The weatherstripping is all good, and nice original wheel covers are wrapped by thin whites in radial form.

Keep a keen eye on the flux capacitor, as we are firmly within the mid 1960's with a swing of the door. We meet up with a wonderful classic mixture of cloth and vinyl in what Chevrolet describes as Fawn. I would describe it as vertical stitched cloth inserts in darker and lighter tan pattern surrounded by vinyl bolsters, and a mid-line stripe in off white. This is true for both benches, front and rear. A simple radio delete dash with elongated central oval instrument cluster, very clean even key surround shows little wear. A very nicely preserved tight headliner is above, and fairly clean gold carpeting floods the floors. Keep it simple is the mantra for this interior right out of the mid '60's.

Not to be grabbed up by the time space continuum we flip the hood and are met with the original 230ci Inline 6-cylinder in its orange Chevy glory. It is topped by a 1-barrel carburetor and attached to a 2-speed Powerglide transmission.

True to time capsule form, we note a new fuel tank, and lots of time worn undercarriage suspension and parts that are covered with surface rust. But it's original and appears structurally sound.

Showing some passage of time, but certainly in a graceful and non-hurtful way, this original Nova is definitely a smooth runner, quick starter, and a cool trip back to when automakers were building lots of cars to satisfy the public's ever-changing taste for updated styling. Never intended to be perfect, but certainly an original.

VIN Decode
15-Chevy II 400, Nova I6
69-4 Door Sedan
N-Norwood, OH Assy Plant
196960-Sequential Unit Number

Trim Tag
06B-2nd Week June Build
ST 65-11669-1965 Chevy II 400
NOR25334-Norwood Body #
TR 768-Fawn
PNT J-Y- Cypress Green, Crocus Yellow
W-Tinted Windshield
P-Push Button Radio
3C-Padded Dash
W-Passenger Mirror
L-Seat Belts

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